Vis à Vis Day & Med Spa

All Spa Parties Include Complimentary Wine and Sparklings

Uptown Express

1.5 hours.....$110 

The Uptown Express is for the busy folks who just want to sum up their spa day with just the necessities. With this package you receive an Express Facial, Express Manicure and Express Pedicure. Don't like facials, no worries! You may substitute your Express Facial with an Express Massage. Just make sure to tell us when you book. You may also upgrade from a Swedish massage to an Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue at NO EXTRA COST.

Deux Luxes

1.5 hour.......$150  
(60-min Massage + 30-min Facial) 
2 hours........$210 
(60-min Massage + 60-min Facial) 

As titled...this package comprises of our two main luxuries: 60-minute massage and a 30-minute facial. The package comes with a lot of flexibility since every member of the party may have a different massage preference and certainly has a different skin type and concerns when it comes to facials. Hence, each may pick from a basic relaxing Swedish massage or upgrade to an Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue at NO EXTRA COST. The facial will also be a customized based on what our estheticians see fit after they hear each member’s skin concerns and goals. We just don’t like to see the person in charge of booking suffer trying to figure out what everyone likes or may not like. Hence, everyone makes their choices upon arrival. After all you are coming to relax not stress over planning!

Massage & Float Combo

2 hours.......$140 
(60-min Float + 60-min Massage)
2.5 hours.....$180
(60-min Float + 90-min Massage)

Say bye to your party with this package and spend time alone in our Float Room to unwind and bask in tranquility and de-stress away from the long day you are about to have. Relieve pain, alleviate stress, and detox while meditating in a Zero-gravity float pod that comprises of over 700 lbs of powerful Dead Sea & EPSOM salt compound followed by a magical soothing massage that will leave you recharged and relaxed to the core. You may also from a Swedish massage to a Deep Tissue or Aromatherapy at NO extra charge.

Mini Treats

2 hours.....$170 

Can't decide what go get and want to try a bit of everything? Choose this package and indulge in our mini spa treats so you can come back for your favorite when you have more time. This package includes 30-minute Custom Facial, Classic Manicure, Classic Pedicure and a 30-minute Massage with an optional upgrade from Swedish to Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue at NO extra charge.

Ménage à trois

3 hours.....$234 

If your party planning is a bit lacking in ideas, the Ménage à Trois package has gotten it a bit crowded and exciting! So boost up your plan with this trio and spend more time with us so your day appears much busier yet very relaxing. What can you say, sometimes good things come in threes.

With this package you get to PICK ANY 3 from the Lucky 7 services below. However you must tell us what you like when you book so we can plan the package properly for you!

1. Swedish, Aromatherapy or Deep tissue Massage for 60 minutes

2. A Customized 45-minute facial made with love in our Zero-Gravity massage chairs at our facial bar just for you.

3. Vis à Vis Signature Nails (Mani and Pedi)

4. Float Therapy for 60 minutes

5. Go-Green Body Wrap

6. Petite Contour Wrap

7. Back or Chest Facial


The Louvre

4.5 hours.....$380

This lavish package has 4 sides built into it just exactly like the French pyramid does. This is our most luxurious package that will make you look forward to your next spa party! No experience is ever the same as we take into consideration exactly what each member needs to ensure complete well-being and content.

With this package you get the following 4 top-notch services:

1. Our signature 60-minute Customize-it Facial on our Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

2. Choice of 60-minute massage from Swedish, Aromatherapy, Deep tissue or Sports Massage.

3. Choice of any 60-minute Body Treatment from Back Facial, Petite Contour, Go Green or Go Smooth Wraps.

4. Vis à Vis Signature Nails (Mani and Pedi)

For any changes or upgrades not listed in this page, please let us know upon booking so we can account for the extra added time. Please note that Add-ons prices listed in our website will still apply to our packages. All packages are for single guest use and cannot be shared by multiple people. Packages are already discounted and not valid with any other discounts or offers.

*Please Note:

After booking and purchasing your spa package we will work on your request right away to accommodate all the services included in the package simultaneously. If we can't accommodate your request due to unavailability of some or all the treatments in the package , we will call you to notify you and provide you with other options. Your payment will be fully refunded if we still cannot fulfill your request or reach an alternative agreement. Thank You!

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