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In the esthetics field there is a treatment called backcial, bacial, back-facial or back treatment, which means a procedure on the back where estheticians use techniques similar to a facial. Backcial is like a facial but on the back. This treatment includes the whole back; it goes from shoulders to the lower back.

This treatment is indicated for different kinds of conditions. For example, one of the most common is for people who suffer from an acne, oily or congested back. In these cases the esthetician will perform a cleanse, masque and tone using the specific products to help to control the oiliness. The extractions are a very important step in this kind of condition, where the esthetician will remove blackheads, whiteheads and/or other superficial lesions which will clear up the skin.

In other cases, some people want to have a backcial because of dryness on the back. People who suffer from flaky , dry and/or rough skin on the back need a backcial where the esthetician will focus the treatment on exfoliation, deep hydration and moisturizing.

Also, people who care a lot about their skin, like models or actors, will get a backcial because they want a deep cleansing to keep a uniform complexion, or prevent hyper-pigmentation and/or redness to prepare the skin for photo shoots and/or catwalks.

In any case or for any skin condition, every step during the backcial such as cleansing, exfoliating, masquing, toning and moisturizing, you would feel it as a relaxing and healing procedure. You lie face down while feeling warm steam through the back area, as alternating warm towels make this treatment a real luxury time.


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